What is deep embossed composite decking?

3D online embossing wood grain decking is a revolutionary product compared to traditional WPC. The embossing process was not from 'thermal print', but 'pressure print', so the outside wood grain looks vivid and deep. Also, the texture can stay much longer. With plastic crust covering the outside, the surface is much more harder, and resists water and scratch better.

What’s it made of?

35% high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

55% wood flour (wood flour is mainly poplar flour)

10% additives (antioxidants, colorants, lubricants, UV stabilizers, etc.)

Product Details

Product Name140*23mm 3D Embossed Hollow WPC Decking
Surface TreatmentGroove, wood grain,High Gloss, Embossed
ColorChocolate, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Redwood, Teak, White Grey
MaintenanceLess maintenance
Recycling100% recyclable
Fire RatingB1
Durability25 years
CertificateISO, Intertek, SGS,FSC
ApplicationHotel, Garden, Balcony, Swimming pool etc.

3D Embossed decking Used For?

3D Embossing composite Decking provides the beauty and long-lasting beauty of natural wood. Only a small amount of maintenance is required each year. The deep wood pattern on our wood imitates the beauty of natural wood. It is also resistant to moisture, rot and termites. The wide range of natural colors allows you to create the perfect deck or dock to complement your outdoor space. It is an excellent substitute for natural wood decks. Because of easy installation, cheap maintenance, and beautiful appearance, deep embossed composite decking is widely chosen to be used in parks, patio, gardens, spa, pool, corridor and so on.