Privacy Screen Fence Installation Guide

In landscape gardens, courtyard gardens, etc., more and more wood-plastic privacy fences are used. How is the privacy fence installed? Please read the contents of this page in detail, our privacy screen fence installation is very simple, you can install our fence products by yourself according to this instruction.

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Installation Steps of  Privacy Screen Fence

Step One (pic 01-02 ):
Fix the steel holder to the cement ground.

Step Two (pic 03-06 ):
Use strip aluminum post to the post holder. And put the plastic base on the bottom of the steel holder.

Step Three (pic 07-08 ):
Fit the bottom rall aluminum to the posts.

Step Four (pic 09-11 ):
Slide fence boards.

Step Five (pic 12-17 ):
Fit top rall aluminum to the posts and fix with corner clip. Secure top rall aluminum with starter clips.  Follow the steps above to install more fence panels.

Step Six (pic 18-21 ):
Place post side cover and cap. Complete the installation of the privacy fence.