3D Embossed Composite Decking

Seven Trust 3D Embossed Composite Decking is a kind of new technology decking product.The main technology is the deep emboss process during production.

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lreland customer reviews of Seven Trust WPC products Including patio pvc decking, pvc fencing, pvc decking, composit decking, etc., WPC materials is a great alternative to traditional wood decking.

Looking for price on patio pvc decking area 4m/3m edgeing an two steps all clips.

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Hi I need a quote for composite timber benches any style. Also need a quote for the smallest flower box. IS there a lead in time for ordering? What is the delivery charge to Ireland. We have a budget of €7,000.

Need a fast reply!

Thank you


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Hi , I am looking for a quote to get white fencing. PVC fencing with Trellis at top. we currently have wooden fences 15 fences 4ft x 6ft high. Can you give me a quote please and do you deliver, if so how much for delivery cost to Dublin. Also looking for composite decking in light grey size approx 20ft x 10ft.

Hi, Can you send me a sample of PVC fencing in white and also samples of pvc HD deck dual .Can you also send me the catalogues for PVC fences and Decking.

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Dear Sir,

We have a project in Ireland to replace wooden plank decking for internal bridge between 2 private properties. Bridge is used for light vehical max weight of 5 tons and pedestrian.

Due to continuous rainy weather in Ireland wooden planks required replacement every 3 to 5 years and lot of maintenance required as well.

We do not want to use Concrete and steel grating for decking due to self-weight reason.

Therefore, we have decided to use composite material (PVC) planks if suitable.

Existing wooden planks size is 3000 x 250 x 75mm (L x W x D).

Could you please propose some of your product which can be suitable for above purpose.

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Hi - we are a landscaping company based in Ireland. We would be interested in supply and installation of PVC fencing and decking for our customers and we are looking for a supplier.

Kind regards

Mary Curran

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I am looking for pvc fencing approx 250 metre in length and 5ft in height tell me how many post I need and how much it costs with shipping

Thanking you

John byrne

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Hi, im looking for 43squre meters of composit decking for now be looking at biger project in few weeks.


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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are currently looking for a manufacturer of various WPC products including decking, fence and fence posts etc, we would prefer to deal with yourselves directly if possible and not through a distributor due to the nature of our business. Please could you send me a complete catalogue of all your products.

Many thanks

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Hi we are a caravan park in the republic of Ireland and are looking for suppliers of pvc decking its a material we wish o work with as timber does not seem to be peoples choice we own 3 caravan parks in the republic so quantities would vary but would always be large amounts please send me price details decking railings gates etc

Thanks you

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Can you please give me a price FOB in respect of each of the PVC fencing that you make. I’m thinking of importing a container

From: Lreland | Tag: PVC fencing in Lreland
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What is the cheapest fence to buy?

What is the cheapest fence to buy?

The cheapest way to create a fence for your home is by getting one made from WPC. Such fences substitute wooden pickets and stakes to offer your protection from the outside world. WPC sleeves improve the stability of wooden posts used as a fence, reducing the cost of material and the labor used.

Artificial Decking Material

Artificial Decking Material

Artificial decking material is a robust alternative to wood, which can last even longer and provide a low-maintenance surface that looks great in your garden.

Waterproof Deck Floor Coverings

Waterproof Deck Floor Coverings

Seven Trist is an excellent choice for waterproof decking material. We are the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of WPC outdoor waterproof deck flooring.

Tongue Groove Wood Decking

Tongue Groove Wood Decking

The advantages of composite tongue groove wood decking include durability and uniformity. Natural wooden decking, such as pine decking, can warp during installation and require correction, whereas WPC tongue and groove connection will not absorb moisture or warp.

Non-Skid Composite Decking

Non-Skid Composite Decking

In the case of outdoor flooring, non-skid composite decking is the holy grail of outdoor decking, providing firm footing and grip in all weathers.

What is the cheapest 6-foot fence?

What is the cheapest 6-foot fence?

WPC fencing is easy to install and cheapest so it’s a good choice for DIYers. Plus, vinyl fencing should last 20 years or more. In some cases it comes with a lifetime warranty, saving you money on future repairs and maintenance.