Wall Cladding Installation Guide

Seven Trust WPC Wall Cladding is easy to install and maintain, and usually the customer can complete the installation by himself, but we still recommend you to find a professional installation team to help you complete the wall cladding installation task. It is recommended that you read the contents of this page carefully before installing the wall cladding, which can help you better install your wall cladding.

Note that it is not recommended to install the wall cladding when it is very cold or very hot, because the wall cladding has thermal expansion and contraction, and the wall cladding is installed at a moderate temperature, which can maximize compatibility with the effects of thermal expansion and contraction under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

WPC Wall Cladding Selection

Accessories Selection

Installation Steps of Wall Cladding

Step One (pic 01):
Installation of wood plastic composite joist

Step Two (pic 02.1-02.2):
Fix the start clip and Fixing screws

Step Three (pic 03-05):
Continue as above instruction, one by one to finish the whole cladding’s installation.

Step Four (pic 06-07)
Install the L corner and fix by screws