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1. About your data

In order to respect privacy of each user of this website, you may enter this website without any personal data provided. However, for some activities on this website, you are required to submit your personal data, such as your name, address and e-mail address, etc. If you want to participate, you are asked to provide true and correct information.

All personal data collected by us on this website will be handled according to this Statement.

2. Use of personal data

We only collect your personal data from "contact us" and some website activities you voluntarily participate in, and such information is only used to reply to the user's questions about this website.

Except personal data, any question, opinion, suggestion or material submitted by the customer is deemed to be non-confidential and non-patent information voluntarily provided by such customer to Shanghai SevenTrust Company.

3. Security and use rights

We will take effective measures to prevent the information provided by you from being lost, misused or distorted.

If you want to read or change your personal data, you may send an email to Shanghai SevenTrust Company.

General Terms of Use

You may read the information on this website for free charge; unless otherwise stated specially, we will make any guarantee or warranty. This website aims at the provision of general information; we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of such information.

Unless otherwise stated on this website, we will not be responsible for the webpage content, any webpage use or the information sent to you or received by you.

You shall not use this website for any illegal purpose. You must guarantee not to, via this website, send, use, copy, publish or allow others to publish any infamatory or obscene information or any insulting information infringing upon privacy. You must guarantee not to, without the consent, send any material, email promotional material or the like and any high-capacity information, thus causing interference with the operation of this website or the visit of other visitors.

Shanghai SevenTrust Company reserves the right to, without any prior notice, enhance, adjust, modify, suspend or permanently terminate all or any part thereof at any time, or restrict or prohibit visitors to enter this website.

Shanghai SevenTrust Company reserves the right to modify these Terms.