Improved formula

The formula for Seven Trust composites was first introduced from the United States. With 13 years of production experience, we have gradually developed our own advanced formula system, and the products produced have been greatly improved compared with the industry standard. We have in-depth research cooperation with Fudan University and Nanchang University in Shanghai, which provides strong support for our product development.

Regional formula customization

Fire-proof formula, antibacterial formula, high-temperature formula, low-temperature formula... Seven Trust is able to provide tailored formula adjustment solutions based on the climate of the customer's location. So that the product can better adapt to all kinds of extreme conditions, improve the laying effect of products and service life.

Moisture-proof and heat-resistant formula

Case study of beach Hotels in Thailand,
The project is located on the coast of Thailand. Adjust the formula to allow for lower water absorption, thermal expansion and higher surface strength, taking into account hot and humid climates and corrosive seawater.

Low temperature resistant formula

The Norwegian Park Pavilion case
The snow in this picture is more than 40 millimeters thick. These floors use formulations developed for low temperature brittleness. "Every year, in order to clear the snow, some heavy vehicles are brought in to clear the snow, and there is no problem on the deck." "The customer wrote when he sent us the photo.

High temperature resistant formula

Qatar By the Sea case
The highest temperature in Qatar can reach 45 degrees. Our customers require high temperature resistance, and our flooring fully meets the requirements.

Customization of exclusive products

The composite product is highly malleable and can be developed into any shape not only for the common composite decking, cladding and fencing, but also to meet the needs of most outdoor building materials.

Therefore, customers can even imagine and DIY products according to their own needs, and then our R&D engineers will design their own products by analyzing their uses, and make the final output of composite products by drawing drawings and making molds.

Now, we have customized many new products for customers and applied for patents.