Wood-Plastic Wall Panels Bring Us a New Home Experience

By Siyuan Hu |

In recent years, we have seen wood-plastic wall panels in more and more scenes. Wood-plastic wall panels are becoming more and more common in house decoration in Europe and the United States. Nowadays, many houses even make whole-house wood-plastic wall panels. As a new type of material, the utilization rate of wood-plastic wallboard is so high that people have to be curious about the reason.

First of all, most of the traditional high-rise buildings use reinforced concrete in the construction, and paint or paste tiles on the surface. Although such a house represents a modern decoration style, living in such a house for a long time will inevitably feel Some depression. The houses decorated with wood-plastic materials do not have the dull and heavy feeling of modern decorative materials, and they will also make people feel softer at home. Secondly, as an environmentally friendly material, wood-plastic material does not have the problem of "light pollution" caused by a large number of glass tiles, which will make people feel more comfortable in living.
But some people will have this question: What if the house is caught on fire if the wood-plastic material is used as the decoration material?

Although the wood-plastic material has the word "wood", it does not mean that it will ignite in case of fire. The source of the so-called wood-plastic word is because its materials are mainly wood powder and plastic. The wood-plastic material itself is a kind of fire-proof material. According to GB8624, the fire-proof grades of decorative materials in my country include four grades: non-combustible A, non-combustible B1, combustible B2, and flammable B3. All plastic materials can get to level combustible B1, so there is no need to worry about a large area of the house on fire.

WPC wall panels not only take into account the practicality, but also have aesthetic effects. When using WPC wall panels as decorative materials, the overall appearance of the house will be more attractive, and the visual effect will bring homeowners a more pleasant experience.


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