Do you have any representation in Australia?

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Please tell me *installation instructions on timber studs
*Trims and accessories
*Timber look finish light grey
* price per m2

Approximately 300m2
How do I get a sample? Do you have any representation in Australia?

The accessories include the joist, edge and screws. Attaching is our installation instructions. On our price list, you can find the timber look models and the colour we have, please choose the model and colour you prefer.

We havn’t representations in Australia at present.

For the samples, could you please tell us your address and phone number ? Our samples are free for you. Do you have your own international express account number ? Such as UPS, DHL, FEDEX, etc. If you have your own international express account, we will send the samples to you through your account. If not, you should pay the transportation expense of the sample via Paypal. We will arrange the express for you. The sample shipping costs is USD65. You can also check the local international express. If you have a cheap option, you can ask them to pick it up. Our sample package will include different type models, accessories, joist, edge seal, color card ect...

The sample length is generally 10cm, 15cm, 30cm.
Shipping costs can pay us by PAYPAL. PayPal account is [email protected]

I can see you call Studs Joist . We wouldn't need joist as our frame is made of 45mmx100mm stud timber frame at 450mm centres (joist)
Picture for illustration enclosedWe use a vapour waterproof soundproof barrier 4to5mm before attaching cladding (wall panel)
I'm comparing similar products composite offering 20 to 25 years warranty also made in China Your fire rating is European B1 do you have an ISO number ours is BAL29 I enclosed a pdf explaining regulations

Apologies for asking so many questions but you have an interesting product We use composite decking but no cladding (wall panels)
I have seen similar products used in the USA and Canada however Australia is a harsh summer heat and cold winters..

Lost touch with freight what's the cost of LCL to Sydney Australia. Would love to visit Shanghai's we absolutely enjoyed that city Fast train from Airport to Pudong Amazing river walk and the old quarters with new Pudong... We had good times to remember.

Please what's weight per m2 ? I have to calculate uplifting forces...

I will discuss it with my client see if we can do as a display unit Its a 280m2 beach cottage ground and second floor.

Normally, we recommend the ST-146H21 wpc decking which is our popular item, it is economic and not expensive. If you want to make your residential decking more beautiful and elegant, we recommend the STD-140H23 which takes advantage of the excellent properties of composite wood and unique surface treatments to make your life more natural, casual and more beautiful.

Our composite decking is an outdoor decorative decking that made of wood flour and plastic with a small amount of additives. Seven Trust composite decking is a completely environmentally friendly product that can be recycled. It looks and feels like natural wood, and easy to install with minimal maintenance, so it is gradually replacing the natural wood decking.

Seven Trust composite decking will not crack or rot during outdoor use, and has strong weather resistance, it can be used at temperatures of minus 40 degrees to 70 degrees, therefore it can basically be used in most countries or regions around the world.

  • Client: Bill Taylor
  • Date: 2021/8/16
  • Country: Australia
  • Product Demand: outdoor decorative decking


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