Misunderstandings In The Selection Of Wood-Plastic Decking!

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Wood-plastic decking is a type of decking that has grown rapidly in the market in recent years. Consumers are very fond of its unique texture and luster and stable product performance. If consumers do not understand the characteristics of wood-plastic decking, they must pay attention when purchasing wood-plastic flooring. The following errors:

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Misunderstanding 1: Add large core board when laying

In order to pursue the sense of foot feelings, some consumers add a layer of large core boards on the keel. In reality, the quality of large core boards is very different, and inferior large core plates will affect the paving quality of wooden plastic floor plates. Therefore, if consumers have to seek too high foot feel, they must choose the brand -name large core board products sold in the market.

Misunderstanding 2: Only repurchase and not re -paving

There is a direct paste, keel shop idea, and suspension of the wood -plastic floor. No matter what kind of ideas are accepted, you must choose a good construction team.Find the "six non -shop",That is, the wall is wet, the ground is not dry, and the ground is not spoiled;Confusing construction will not be paved;Use inferior accessories to not be paved;The construction period is urgent, and the process cannot be implemented;The invention products are not paved with quality problems; the requirements are absolutely not flat.

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Misunderstanding 3: Wooden Plastic Floor is not environmentally friendly

Some consumers think that wooden plastic contains formaldehyde and is not environmentally friendly. In fact, wooden plastic flooring does not contain formaldehyde at all.

Misunderstanding 4: Selling and laying up separately

There are high -wood plastic manufacturers, and there are professional paving teams. If consumers encounter uniform trafficking and pavement, they must improve their precepts. Once there is a problem in the future, it is likely to cause the two parties to push each other and cause consumer paving trouble. Therefore, consumers should try to sell and pave the unification.

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Misunderstanding 5: Seeking a plain board refuses to buy lacquerboard

Some consumers think that the plain board is a genuine wooden plastic deck. It can save part of the processing costs from their own consumption paint, but I do not know that the paint will cause the floor to be polluted and the quality of the paint cannot be wrapped;The lacquer board is the manufacturer's operation through the production line with a relatively high mechanized and initiative, which greatly eliminates pollution, making the product more environmentally friendly.


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