Influence Of Extrusion Technology On The Properties Of Wood-plastic Furniture

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Process parameters and mold design in extrusion molding technology are the key technical factors, which will have an important impact on the performance of extrusion-based wood-plastic furniture.

Influence of Process Parameters on Properties of Wood-plastic Furniture

Process parameters include the type and amount of raw materials and additives, temperature and pressure of extrusion equipment, screw speed, cooling method and speed, etc.It has an impact on whether the wood-plastic furniture parts can be formed, the performance after forming and the surface quality.There are many types of raw materials involved in wood-plastic extrusion molding technology, among which additives account for a small proportion but have a great impact on performance.Such as coupling agent, plasticizer, lubricant, anti-aging agent, etc. will affect the mixing of raw materials, the difficulty of molding, the fluidity of the melt, and the durability of furniture;In the wood-plastic extrusion molding technology, the type of extrusion equipment, the pressure of the head, the speed of the screw, the temperature of the barrel and the head will all have an impact on the shape and performance of the furniture parts;Thermoplastics are used in wood-plastic extrusion molding technology, and furniture parts are shaped by cooling. The cooling method and speed will affect the quality of furniture products.If the flow direction of water is consistent with the direction of material flow, it is easy to cause blockage of the flow channel, and the small amount of water will make extrusion molding difficult or even impossible.The barrel temperature control system in the extrusion molding of wood-plastic composite materials has the characteristics of pure hysteresis and large inertia.It has attracted more attention. BP neural network PID control algorithm and ACPSO optimized fuzzy PID control algorithm are often used to achieve precise and efficient control, and ultimately improve the quality of wood-plastic extrusion products.

For wood-plastic extrusion, process parameters will affect the extrusion quality and appearance quality of molded products. If wood-plastic materials are used in furniture manufacturing, especially for load-bearing parts such as seat surfaces and backrests, process parameters and material quality will directly affect the durability and appearance of furniture.

Effect of Extrusion Die on Properties of Wood-plastic Furniture

Extrusion molds directly affect the performance of wood-plastic furniture products and the size and shape of furniture components.In order to realize the diversification of wood-plastic furniture based on extrusion molding, it is necessary to realize the innovation of extrusion profile section and optimize the design of profile extrusion die.

Profile extrusion molding die is a relatively complex system, which consists of two parts: extrusion die head and shaping die head. The die and shaping die in the extrusion die play a decisive role in the cross-sectional shape and size of the final extruded product. However, the shape of the die is not exactly the same as the cross-sectional shape of the extruded product, and the shape of the shaping die is almost exactly the same as that of the extruded product. For the complex and cumbersome problem of extrusion die structure design, there are methods such as finite element simulation of material flow in the flow channel, three-dimensional parametric design of die based on UG and other software, and application of optimized CAD in die design. At present, the cross-section of extruded profiles can be mainly divided into cavities or open openings, and the forms have been diversified. Innovate certain cross-sectional shapes, then use the above-mentioned software technology to simulate and analyze its feasibility, and finally apply it to extrusion-based wood-plastic furniture, which will effectively broaden the scope of use of wood-plastic extrusion profiles in furniture.


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