Fully Automatic Plastic Wood Mixing Production Line

By Seven Trust |

Most domestic plastic wood companies use transportation methods to feed the raw materials into the mixer for mixing, which requires high labor intensity for workers and relatively low production efficiency. The research and development of the fully automatic plastic-wood mixing production line aims to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency based on the actual production of the enterprise.

The process is simply summarized as adding three raw materials such as wood powder, polyolefin particles, and additives into the hot mixer using automated equipment.Then the hot mixer runs at high speed for mixing. After running for a certain period of time, the raw materials in the hot mixer are transported to the cold mixer for mixing and cooling.After cooling to the process temperature, the cooled mixed raw materials are transported to large bags for packaging because of key processes such as granulation and extrusion. The key technical issues involved are: the ratio of the three mixtures. The research and development summarized the optimal quality ratio of the three raw materials, wood powder (pine/fir): PP: additives = 15:34:1.

The wood flour and PP raw materials are transported to large tanks for storage. During production, the wood flour and PP raw materials are automatically transported to weighing tanks for weighing.The weighed raw materials are transported to the transfer tank for preliminary mixing, and then automatically transported to the hot mixer through the Roots blower for mixing and mixing.After mixing to a certain extent, the additive raw materials are automatically added, and then mixed and stirred. The stirring is completed when the process temperature is reached. Some studies take the PP plastic wood automated production line as an example. Siemens S7-200PLC is used for electrical control, and Weilon touch screen is used as the host computer and human-machine interface control to achieve fully automated material supply and mixing production. Due to the limited space in the factory, the fully automatic plastic wood mixing production line has relatively complex pipelines and many bending positions. It encountered many difficulties during the production. After debugging and trial operation, the products produced were qualified and the number of labor saved was no less than 4 people , the production capacity can reach 2000kg/h. The products are exported to European countries, well received by customers, and production capacity has been increased.


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