The Mechanical Performance Of Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Material

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The mechanical properties of WPCS include bending, stretching and impact performance. However, due to the special nuclear shell structure of CO-WPCS, existing research usually only tests CO-WPCS bending and impact performance testing. The main reason is that when testing CO-WPCS mechanical properties, it is necessary to carry out the integrity of maintaining the conjugate structure, thereby fully reflecting the effects of the fully covered structure of the shell on the overall CO-WPCS performance.

The Mechanical Performance Of Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Material

In commercial WPCS products, it is usually reduced by improving wood fiber content or using recycling plastic as a polymer matrix.However, the above methods make WPCs have poor durability and mechanical properties in outdoor environments such as different humidity, temperature or ultraviolet rays.

The shell layer has an important impact on the overall performance of CO-WPCS, and its thickness and distribution ratios such as each component have a more obvious impact on CO-WPCS mechanical properties.The mechanism of enhanced the touches CO-WPCS can be explained as: the tough case layer can inhibit the cracks and spread of the brittle nuclear layer when the outer force is performed, causing the CO-WPCS to absorb more energy when it is destroyed.Therefore, the damage method has changed from crispy break to tough breaks.

The Mechanical Performance Of Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Material

The tough shell layer can scattered the impact or bending force on the up and down surface of the Co-WPCS to effectively avoid stress concentration.Based on the above principles, the purpose of enhanced the overall CO-WPCS enhancement by enhancing the shell layer can be achieved. Simple and commonly used methods are to fill rigid materials into the shell, including silicon oxide, talc powder, calcium carbonate, basalt fiber, glass fiber, carbon nanotuba, and wood fiber, which can achieve the purpose of enhancing the overall CO-WPCS. Compared with ordinary WPCS, because the shell has a high polymer content, CO-WPCS usually shows the phenomenon of increased bending strength and decreased modulus and impact toughness.


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