Design And Production Conditions Of Wood Plastic Landscape Guardrail Deck Products (2)

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1.The advantage of cost, comparison of the same quality: PE wood plastic substrate <PVC wood plastic substrate wooden substrate;Comparison of quality when the same price: PE wood plastic substrate > PVC wood plastic substrate > wood substrate;Life comparison of the same price: PE wood plastic substrate > PVC wood plastic substrate > wood substrate.The above -mentioned products are except for the quality and price of normal shipments, except for extremely low -priced low -quality and high -quality high -quality products.

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2.PE wooden plastic is a hard substrate with a density of about 1.4. Because its own impact is not good, the elastic modulus is low, and the amount of wood powder is large, it is not suitable for designing products.When designing products, to be familiar with the characteristics of PE plastic attributes, PE material plastic is in line with products with better toughness and ductility such as packaging. Wood plastic products are special enhanced additives with special reinforcement in the product.

PE wooden plastic material is squeezed out for molding, its surface effect is good, the skin can increase the surface hardness, can be squeezed together to form a natural wood grain feeling, increase the color fastness and wear resistance coefficient,The density of foam can be reduced to increase the cost of the area of the ton material to reduce costs, etc.;Most of the PE material adopts a cold -top process. After the product is formed, the surface is too light. The rear road adopts the polishing voltage flower process to eliminate the light surface to increase the non -slip coefficient and wood texture.

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PE wood plastic is a new type of composite extruded profile. For structural support materials such as fence flooring, coloring and imitation wood effects, or trash can, flower boxes and park chairs (thickened). It is recommended to use PE wood plastic material.

3.The advantages of installing and maintenance, wooden plastic decking has a sawable can be seen and diamond -proof and the waterproof mold and anticorrosive characteristics of plastic.Therefore, it can be installed with keel folds with the same material material, and as much as possible, as much keel spacing and installation flatness, and retaining sufficient gap for the heating of the material.

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4.The advantages of recycling and reuse, after years of use of wooden plastic substrate flooring, the material performance has not changed much.Slightly modified can still make qualified products, and resource recycling is recycled, which is in line with national environmental protection policies.



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