Research Progress of Inorganic Mineral Modified Wood-plastic Composite Materials

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At present, the preparation methods of inorganic mineral-modified wood-plastic composite materials tend to uniformly distribute mineral fillers in the wood-plastic composite material.The uniformity of filler dispersion in the composite material is closely related to the final performance of the composite material, and is generally positively correlated.However, improving the dispersion of mineral fillers in wood-plastic composites is still a difficult problem and has not yet been fundamentally solved.Adding a small amount of mineral fillers has little effect on improving the performance of composite materials, while adding a large amount of mineral fillers has the problem of difficulty in dispersion. Although adding a large amount of inorganic minerals to wood-plastic composite materials can achieve many functions (flame retardant, sound absorption, insulation, UV aging resistance, etc.), it also increases the cost and reduces the mechanical properties of the composite materials. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a simple process or method to solve the contradiction between the mechanical properties and use functions of wood plastic/inorganic mineral composite materials, thereby improving the added value of wood plastic/inorganic mineral composite materials.

Mechanical strength and thermal properties of inorganic mineral-reinforced wood plastic

The main role of inorganic minerals in composite materials is to withstand external forces and reduce the occurrence of defects, thereby improving the hardness, wear resistance, tensile strength and other mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite materials. In addition, with the addition of inorganic minerals, the internal structure of wood-plastic composite materials also changes, which can also improve the hygroscopic and thermal properties of composite materials.

Mechanical strength

Adding inorganic minerals can improve the hardness, flexural strength and elastic modulus of composite materials.

Thermal properties

Inorganic minerals not only have excellent rigidity, dimensional stability and thermal stability, but also have the advantages of rich natural resources, low cost, green and environmental protection, etc.It can not only improve the dimensional stability and mechanical properties of composite materials, but also reduce the temperature of thermal expansion and improve its thermal stability.


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