Design And Production Conditions Of Wood Plastic Landscape Guardrail Deck Products (1)

By Seven Trust |

1. With the need for plastic -generation wood, the problem of traditional wood landscape guardrail decking is that it is mildew and rot, easy -to -produce termites, easy -to -open cracks, flammable, small non -slip coefficients, high maintenance costs, short service life;The product characteristics of wood plastic materials completely avoid all the defects of wooden materials and give more advantages to the fence deck.


2. Quality advantages, performance determines quality, and the performance advantages of wood plastic materials:

Wood plastic materials themselves can take into account the common advantages of plastic and wood fibers:

1) The wood material has a good anti -impact strength and curved strength. The deck of the wood -plastic material can also be strengthened through an effective mechanical structure design.Enhanced the performance modification of the material formula,Strengthen through special synthetic synthesis,Even doing better.

2)Wood plastic material deck waterproof, anti -corrosion, mildew, cracking, insect -proof, anti -slip, fire prevention and other problems;To strengthen the fading through special design and materials (the surface of ASA can maintain for decades without fading), aging, high temperature deformation, low temperature and crispy cracks, there is no problem.


3.The advantages of environmental protection, wood plastic materials can be used as one of the raw materials with waste recycling plastic,Among them, the wood fiber powder is derived from wastewood and plant straws of abandoned, reducing white garbage pollution, reducing the cutting and protecting the environment of wood;Wood -plastic materials can be harmful to the human body without lead, aldehyde -free, bromine -free, and benzene -free, and pollution without pollution to environmental safety and friendship.


4.The advantages of manufacturing, the wood -plastic deck is squeezed out by extrusion machines and molds.As long as the process formula is mature, some technical training for employees can be made, and the output can be about 6 tons every 24 hours, and the finished product rate can reach more than 95%.And the waste and unqualified products in the production process can be recovered and reused, which will not cause waste of materials. It can be arranged in time according to the order volume to make appropriate inventory, which is easy to ship in time without delaying the customer's construction period.


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