Adaptability Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials And Outdoor Furniture Characteristics

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The properties of materials can determine the durability and aesthetics of furniture.According to the comprehensive property analysis of environment-friendly polylactic acid wood-plastic composite materials,We can find that wood-plastic composite materials are green and environmentally friendly materials that can replace wood materials as outdoor furniture. The adaptability of materials for outdoor furniture is shown in the following aspects.

Adaptability Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials And Outdoor Furniture Characteristics

physical and chemical properties

The strength of wood-plastic composite materials is similar to that of other wood-plastic composite materials.According to the analysis of various research results, the mechanical properties of reinforced plates are also different according to the added plant fibers.For example, adding bamboo fiber can enhance the impact strength of the board,The addition of wood fibers increases the tensile strength of the board,The selection of plant fiber type can be carried out according to the function of using furniture parts.However, environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials still have the disadvantages of ordinary wood-plastic composite materials, that is, they have higher density, even higher than wood-based board materials.However, new technologies can be used to reduce the weight of products, thereby reducing the development trend of panels caused by weight problems. In terms of water resistance, the water absorption rate of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials is much lower than that of other wood-based panel materials, which can effectively reduce the corrosion of materials.For the particularity of outdoor places, the aging performance of the board is also the main basis for prolonging the product life.In addition to applying a certain coating on the surface of the board, the environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite material can increase the performance of the board by adding different additives during the production process, and maximize the use of materials in various complex environments.Therefore, the performance of the material itself can meet the basic needs of outdoor furniture and ensure the stability of outdoor furniture products. Based on the characteristics of composite materials, personalized production can be carried out according to the needs of the product, and the cost is low.At the same time, it also has excellent water resistance and aging resistance, which meets the needs of functional and safe outdoor furniture materials.

Adaptability Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials And Outdoor Furniture Characteristics

Processing performance

The environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material has strong mechanical processing performance,In terms of molding methods, it can realize continuous processing to form linear plates, which can meet the large output and use needs of public outdoor furniture, and can also realize the preparation of special-shaped materials, laying a technological foundation for the modeling of outdoor furniture. At the same time, there are various forms of plate processing, which provide technological support for the furniture form. Composite materials are human-operable and have strong flexibility. Whether in the production process or post-processing, the color of the board can be changed to meet individual requirements, improve the aesthetic needs of furniture, and meet the diversification of materials in outdoor furniture. So far, the excellent processing performance makes the material meet the diversity in shape.

Adaptability Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials And Outdoor Furniture Characteristics

Environmental performance

The raw materials of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials are formed from biological materials, which can reduce the use of non-renewable materials, and realize the true environmental protection characteristics of the board during the formation process.Among them, on the premise that the material has the function of use, the product can degrade itself after meeting the basic service life, ensuring that the entire life cycle of outdoor furniture will not pollute the environment, and can fully achieve the cycle of the ecosystem, which is in line with the development trend of the times. At the same time, the formaldehyde emission of the material is lower than the national standard, which better reflects the integration of materials, outdoor furniture and the environment. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials has certain forward-looking prospects in the field of outdoor furniture.




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