Urban Facility Design Using Plastic Wood Composite Materials

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Plastic wood materials have the performance advantages of both plastics and wood as well as unique composite characteristics. They are divided into two series: outdoor and indoor according to use. The scope of use covers the current application fields of logs, plastics, plastic steel and similar composite materials. It is widely used in the fields of building materials, municipal gardens, logistics packaging, furniture products, automotive materials and other fields.At this stage, the main applications of plastic wood composite materials include: plastic wood flooring, plastic wood fences, plastic wood guardrails, plastic steel pavilions, garden guardrails, balcony guardrails, leisure benches, flower stands, blinds and many other aspects.The design of public facilities has become an important area for the application of plastic wood composite materials.

Urban Facility Design Using Plastic Wood Composite Materials

Urban public facilities play an important role in urban image design and are indispensable basic elements of modern cities. The quality of urban public facilities design is not only related to the overall environmental impression of the city, but also an important manifestation of urban civilization. Public facilities play an important role in urban landscape design. The design of public facilities is related to the overall environmental impression of the city and is also an important manifestation of urban civilization. Public facilities have the characteristics of wide scope, large demand, wide audience, and influence on many people.Here, starting from public facilities, we use the green, environmentally friendly, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant characteristics of plastic wood materials to design public facilities.The design of these public facilities can overcome the problems of corrosion, cracking and other problems that often occur when the design object is exposed to wind, sun and rain in the open air.And it is more environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable, and at the same time brings an environmentally friendly green design concept to everyone, so that we can pay attention to and care for the earth together.

In view of the characteristics of public facilities with a wide audience, let people be familiar with this new material, accept this material, let it bring us a more environmentally friendly public environment, and let green and environmentally friendly design concepts enter the public. These design plans meet the following needs :

Urban Facility Design Using Plastic Wood Composite Materials

Practical functions

As a public facility, its primary function is to satisfy the lives of urban residents. This is also the primary reason for the creation of urban public facilities. Functionality is the first problem that must be solved. Compared with traditional wood, plastic wood materials and products are resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, are not prone to bacteria breeding, are not easily eaten by insects, and are resistant to termites; they have a long service life of more than 50 years.

decorative aesthetic

It will play a role in pleasing the spirit and cultivating sentiment under certain circumstances. It is also the first impression of the visual senses.As the image of the city, urban public facilities are around us. Their aesthetic functions can not only increase the interest of life, but also make our lives better and enhance the image of the city.Wood-plastic composite materials contain plastic and fiber. Therefore, they have similar processing properties to wood and can be sawed, nailed, and planed.It can be completed using carpentry tools, and the nail-holding strength is obviously better than other synthetic materials, and the mechanical properties are better than wooden materials, but it can design a beautiful and practical urban image.

Urban Facility Design Using Plastic Wood Composite Materials

cultural heritage

Public facilities are an important part of urban landscape, and culture is particularly important. Culture can not only inspire and cultivate people spiritually and improve aesthetic enjoyment, but also adjust people's emotions and regulate people's daily behaviors. It is the carrier of spiritual civilization and material civilization. At the same time, the emergence of urban public facilities, as a medium for cultural communication, can well convey the culture and spirit of the city, and can also effectively arouse citizens' resonance and love for the region. It can also be used as a carrier of cultural inheritance. Through multiple processing methods, plastic wood can add some additives, and the material properties of the plastic can change, thereby changing the density, strength and other characteristics of the plastic wood material. It can also meet special requirements such as anti-aging, anti-static, and flame retardant. The shape can also be changed through processing methods.


Dieter Rams, a representative figure of minimalist design style, believes that pure style is just the result of solving system problems, rather than style for the sake of style. As a public facility design, simple structure and simple shape will be conducive to mass production and maintenance of public facilities.


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