Can you send us your best price for this model?

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We are an Italian company specialized in alternative product for interior and exterior. We are interested about your product ( all style ) we regulary import from China SPCs and now we are looking for wpc and other solution like your product.

We are interested to recive all your catalogue and samples.

We spoke to several customers who already use WPC decking and are interested in buying full and not honeycomb , bacause in the past they had problems with Honeycomb WPC decking.

Therefore we decided to continue with the choice of the full wpc decking model STD – 140S23.

Can you send us your best price for this model?

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. “ STD – 140S23 ”is one of the most popular solid decking here.

The following at​tachment is the corresponding price I offer you. The price of this product is based on the quantity of a 20 ft container.

Do you have any color requirements? I have sent you color card, you can choose one of the colors according to the color card.

Also,can you kind let me know which port is close to you ? I will check the shipping cost for you.

This is your best price? We have other offer more competitive. Please check we would like to start for sell quantity that is good for all. Please give me also the price for the DIY

We are interested to import solid decking and DIY for start , please give me really your best price

For DIY please give me the price for all product

Our Port is LA SPEZIA

I hope everything well with you and hope you can know that we want to have long-term cooperation with you, not once or twice.At present, the price we offer you will not be very high. Don't worry about it. This solid floor is our best product here. We will never lower the quality of our products in order to pursue better prices. Also,So don't worry about the price of the product. Once we enter into long-term cooperation, we will also discuss and give you a final reasonable price for long-term cooperation.

There are many wpc suppliers in China, and I can clearly understand the characteristics of each wpc manufacturer. But the quality of our products must be very good. Part of the sports venues of the Qatar World Cup are our products, with a quantity of 20000 sq.m. We have also cooperated with the Qatar government for many outdoor product projects. I hope you can give us more trust. Our products have been exported to various countries in the world and have many agents in many countries.

We are also looking for distributor who can cooperate for a long time. If you can become our distributor in Italy, we will give you the best support.

We have a professional website designer team, if you want to sell our products in your local market. You can also create a professional website, and we will provide you with corresponding support.It will also provide you with some customer support.Our other customers in Italy can directly let them order from you.

I come back in office today. many thanks all is ok.

following your email, we had a meeting today and I can confirm that we are ready to start with a continuous and long-lasting project. we have decided to leave as exclusive distributors for Italy in addition, we do not know if you already have a distributor on the Swiss market but we are well present and if it were available, we are also interested in Switzerland, especially the Italian part. How can we define our exclusive distribution relationship, what does your distribution contract propose to start in the best way? We are also ready for the website how we can integrate our site with your own team of website designers that you described.

I await your information to start and proceed thanks.

I am very happy to receive your feedback and continue to discuss the details of cooperation with you. Once you can become our local distributor, we will provide you with the best service. All samples will be provided free of charge for you, and local customers will also be introduced to you.

I have provided you with the price details of the solid decking a few days ago, and you should have carefully verified. As a first cooperation, you can start with a trial order.

You can choose one of the styles to place a trial order, and then we will provide you with more samples of different styles. You can put them in your showroom for reference.

  • Client: Alberto paglia
  • Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2022
  • Country: Italy
  • Product Demand: STD – 140S23 WPC Decking


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