Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panel

By Seven Trust |

Co -Extrusion wooden plastic is a new type of environmentally friendly energy -saving decorative material that can be used for villa exterior walls, exterior walls, hotel exterior walls, station exterior walls, office buildings outer walls, exterior walls of commercial buildings. It is expected that high -end anticorrosive wood materials will be basically replaced in the next few years.


The six major characteristics of Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panels:

(1) Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panels waterproof and moisture-proof. The problem of being easily rotted, expanded and deformed after water absorption in humidity and multi -water environments, and can be used in environments that traditional wood products cannot be applied.

(2) Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panels to prevent insects and termites, effectively eliminate worm harassment and extend the service life.

(3) The Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panel is colorful, and there are many colors to choose from. It has not only a natural wood texture and wood texture, but also can customize the required color according to its own personality.

(4) Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panels is strong, which can achieve personalized shapes very easily, and fully reflect the personality style.


(5) High and environmentally friendly, polluting, non -pollution, and recycling of Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panels. The product does not contain benzene, the formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO level standard. It meets the EU international environmental protection standards. It can be used to greatly save the use of wood, which is suitable for sustainable national policy to benefit the society.

(6) High fireproofing of wooden plastic wall plates. It can effectively fire flame retardant, and the fire prevention level reaches B1 level. In the case of fire, it does not produce any toxic gases.

(7) The service life of the Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panel is higher than 50 years. The decorative effect is better than other decorative wood. In the later period, maintaining it and worry -free and effort will become the most important decorative materials in the future.


The environment has continued to deteriorate and the lack of forest resources, but the supervision of various government departments is also increasing.In the past, people used solid wood wall boards, but with supervision and restrictions, the price of solid wood wall boards was rising.The emergence of Co-Extrusion Wooden Plastic Wall Panel will surely become a beautiful landscape in the building materials market.


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