Plastic Wood Fence ——The Finishing Touch In Urban Garden Landscape

By Seven Trust |

In recent years, the widespread application of plastic wood composite materials, plastic wooden fence fences have become one of the national key green energy -saving and environmentally friendly products advocated.It overcome the shortcomings of natural wood, combined with all the advantages of wood and plastic, and is an excellent product to replace wood and anticorrosive wood.Plastic wooden fences have natural wood pattern, color, feel, and polymer material unique to waterproof, fire prevention, moth -proof, insect -proof, ant ants, anti -ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, non -toxic, and paint.Wood -plastic fence products have strong toughness, non -deformation, non -cracking, sound insulation, insulation, insulation and other properties. Plastic wooden fence products are simple and convenient for processing, exquisite appearance, simple installation, convenient maintenance, efficient and fast; plastic wooden fences are beautiful, no need for maintenance, home improvement, garden facilities and other households.


His moisture -proof and waterproof effect of plastic wood fence are very good, so he can well overcome the problems of rot and expansion, and can also be used in other materials that cannot be used.He also has his own personality, and he can design and process him according to our own needs, which is also very rare. His plasticity is very strong, and it has a good attractive effect. Not only that, it can also help us perform energy saving. We are very convenient for our maintenance and cleaning.

The fence made of plastic wood composite materials does not require paint, and it is simple to maintain. Therefore, plastic wood fence has become an important area for the application of plastic wood composite materials.Plastic wooden fence and plastic flooring supporting the terrace is one of the main uses. In addition, the plastic wood fence is also applied in tourist areas, parks and residential areas as colors or enclosures.The application of plastic wood guardrails in my country is also one of the key applications of plastic wood composite materials. It is mainly used in tourism areas, residential areas, streets, water pavilions, gallery pavilions, green belts, and outdoor power facilities; it can also be used as an isolation facility or enclosure of the building.


Compared with the cement brick wall, the texture of the plastic wood fence is light texture, which will not cause accidents similar to the collapse of the brick wall;The structure is firm, which can resist the impact of class 7;The wooden plastic fence products can be disassembled multiple times and reuse it;And the commonly squeezed wood plastic board can be recovered 100%, reducing the overall investment cost;The wooden plastic squeezed fence fence has a strong wood texture, smooth surface, soft color, beautiful and generous, and the color of the product can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.


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