Research direction of biological wood plastic composite materials

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There are several research directions for biomass wood plastic composite materials:

1.Selection and add ratio of wood fibers

Different wood fibers are mixed with thermoplastic matrix. The performance of the materials obtained is obviously different. The proportion of the same type of fiber is different, and the performance of the material obtained is also significantly different. Wood fiber is developing to other plant fiber materials, such as various hemps, straw wheat grass, cane, etc. Another important source of wood fibers is various plant fiber wastes, such as waste wood, waste paper, waste textiles, etc. Different types of plant fibers contain different components, and the composition of the formula needs to be adjusted during material synthesis.

2.Application and research of hybrid plastic

Various substrate plastics are mixed together. Because of their components different, the melting temperature is also different and compatible, which often causes the mechanical properties of the product to decrease. With the increase of plastic products, the produced plastic waste has also increased year by year. China's plastic recycling and classification work is not perfect, so the research of mixed plastic is particularly important.

Research direction of biological wood plastic composite materials

3.Research and application of coupling agents

The interface of wood fibers and plastic is very poor, and the puppets need to be added to modify the material.The commonly used coupling agents mainly include the three major categories: Malay acidized polyolefin coupling agent, organic clarine coupling agent and other coupling agents. It has a very important role in improving the interface compatibility between plastic and wood fibers.However, the price of the coupling agent is high, which limits its large use in wood plastic production. The amount of coupling agent is usually 1%to 8%of the quality of wood fibers. Therefore, cheap and efficient coupling agents need to be developed.

4. R & D of functional biomass wood plastic composite materials

In recent years, researchers have been committed to improving the flame retardant, aging, weather resistance and antibacterial performance of biomass wood -plastic composite materials through functional modification.

Research direction of biological wood plastic composite materials

5. Surface modification of biomass wood plastic composite materials

Biomass wood plastic composite materials are mainly used for building decoration, and the requirements for product appearance are high.Sand light, brushed, and cycanus technology is a modification method commonly used for polyolefin -based biomass wood plastic composite materials.In addition, there are coating technology, veneer decoration technology, and imitation wood grain technology.


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