Domestic Research Status Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials In Outdoor Furniture

By Seven Trust |

As an environmentally friendly new material, wood-plastic composites have been researched relatively rapidly in China in the past ten years.Its research trends are mainly based on the continuous optimization of material properties, so as to develop the application of materials in various fields, improve the utilization rate of materials, and meet the diverse selection of products. At present, the application of domestic wood-plastic composite materials mainly occupies the main consumers of the material market in the three major fields of construction, packaging and automobiles. Among them, the field of construction has developed the fastest, including four categories: building formwork, building wall panels, building floors and furniture.

Through the continuous in-depth research of materials by scholars, based on the excellent performance of materials, the development of outdoor furniture has gradually received attention.Research has found that wood-plastic composite materials have strong water resistance, and in terms of material properties, they have certain advantages in being used in outdoor furniture.Some scholars have designed public area furniture through material properties such as appearance, processing, and function, providing intuitive reference for the application of materials.Through the case, it is found that in the outdoor space where wood-plastic composite materials are applied, area paving is usually the main form, and it is proposed to build special-shaped structures in the building category to meet people's pursuit of individuality.

In addition, it is also proposed that wood-plastic composite materials should strengthen the development of curved panels in terms of furniture appearance,For the surface of the board, a high-hardness paint layer can be used to improve product quality, improve the strength of the end face of the board in terms of structure, and be more conducive to the application of wood-plastic composite materials.Some scholars have proposed that the application of 3D printing to wood-plastic composite materials can provide new ideas for the field of furniture applications as a new process. Summarize the material properties of wood-plastic composite materials in furniture, and provide a new theoretical direction for material development from the perspective of new technologies.Combining wood-plastic composite materials with steel structures can not only adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, but also strengthen the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite materials.In terms of furniture, combining with steel structure can expand the structure of furniture, forming furniture types such as folding, combination, hanging and moving, and then provide more diverse product forms for the application of materials in furniture to meet the needs of different groups of people.


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