Why Is Wooden Plastic So Popular?

By Seven Trust |

With the rapid development of my country's wooden plastic industry, the preserved anticorrosive wood that was originally prevailing in China has gradually been replaced by wooden plastic products, and wood plastic products are gradually used in garden landscapes and outdoor engineering.

In recent years, environmental protection has frequently appeared in our lives. With the popularization of environmental knowledge, the awareness of environmental protection of Chinese people has gradually increased. As a 100%recyclable wooden plastic product, it is more in line with people's environmental protection concepts.In outdoor garden engineering, this product can often be seen. In foreign countries with deep awareness of environmental protection, the application of wooden plastic products is more advantageous and widely used.

The use of wooden plastic products in garden engineering is not simply for decoration. The prevalence of anticorrosive wood in the country was mainly that anticorrosive wood can give people a characteristic of logs, and the visual appearance of wooden plastic products can also achieve the effect of logs. In terms of appearance, wooden plastic products can feel the texture of wood more intuitively, and anticorrosive wood is more like a layer of anticorrosive coat, which isolate the natural sense of wood.

However, in the actual use of the product, the performance of the product is an important reason for the choice of outdoor engineering. Corruption wood does have a lot of use in outdoor engineering, but in the too humid outdoor environment, it is not suitable for anticorrosive wood.

Not to mention the problems such as rot, cracking, and curling deformation of anticorrosive wood. Even under normal use, chemicals on the surface of anticorrosive wood are still volatilizing, and they still need to be maintained and renovated regularly. The wooden plastic products do not need to maintain such frequent maintenance, which reduces the cost of maintenance in the later period.


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