Is WPC Floor Waterproof ?

By Siyuan Hu |

When we are choosing materials for decoration, especially the floor, we always pay attention to a question, is the material I choose waterproof?

If it is an ordinary wooden floor, then this issue may need to be carefully discussed, but if the wood-plastic floor is selected during the decoration, then these problems can be solved easily, which means that we do not have to worry about these problems at all.

As far as its materials are concerned, traditional wood is more likely to absorb moisture due to its natural water absorption. If regular maintenance is not carried out, it is prone to moisture and rot, expansion deformation, and potholes. The main raw materials for wood-plastic materials are wood powder and polyethylene and some additives. The additives are mainly bleaching powder and preservatives, which makes the wood-plastic material not easy to be wet and rotten, the material is harder than ordinary wood, more stable, not easy to deform.

In addition to being used for decoration of homes or other scenes, wood-plastic products can also be used for deck construction. Decks built with wood-plastic products will not be soaked even after sailing in the sea for a long time, which can define its waterproof. In addition, more and more swimming pools have begun to choose wood-plastic floors as decoration, and use wood-plastic floors as decoration materials, which is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and durable.



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