New Elastic Plastic Wood Decking

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At present, in the field of decoration, indoor deck paving materials are generally various wooden decks or compound wooden decks. The feet of the wooden deck are more comfortable, but problems such as expansion and deformation, and cracking often occur in use.Plastic wood decking is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic wood composite material product, which is mainly composed of wood powder plant fiber and thermoplastic polymer material and processing assistant.High -tech green and environmentally friendly materials made by heating and squeezing molding by mold equipment.Both the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, new environmentally friendly and high -tech materials that can replace wood and plastic.

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With the development of the times, the demand for some special decking is also increasing, such as basketball deck.The basketball deck requires good anti -slip performance and buffer performance, while the existing wood plastic decking has poor elasticity, poor attachment performance, and easy to crack and wear.If it is too soft on the surface, although it has a good reflection of elasticity, the hardness often does not meet the actual requirements, which will lead to poor foot sensation, easy wear, and easy aging.The elastic surface squeeze the wood profiles and its preparation methods, that is, the design of the two -layer elastic layer of the two -layer elastic layer of the wood -shaped wood -shaped material,It is guaranteed that the squeezing wood type has high elasticity and has abrasion resistance and antioxidant, and the service life is significantly prolonged.

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The effect: First of all, the two layers of the outer layer are hot outside the core layer. The elastic inner layer is relatively soft and highly elastic, while the hardness of the elastic surface layer is higher than the inner layer of the elasticity, but it is softer than the core material layer.At the same time, it has good abrasion resistance, and the inner layer of elasticity ensures the high elasticity of the overall squeezing wood profile.At the same time, the elastic surface layer is strongly impacted by the damage to the core material, which plays a cushioning role.Secondly, the natural rubber has good elasticity, strong buffer ability, and not easy to deform after forming rubber.The polyethylene oxide ether polyol has good elasticity, making the elastic inner layer highly elastic, and due to the protection of the outer layer, it is not easy to oxidize, high thermal stability, and more environmentally friendly;A certain amount of elastic material is added to the elastic surface layer, so that the surface layer has a certain return elasticity.Returning elasticity meets the needs of use, while the content of high -density polyethylene is higher than the elastic inner layer, ensuring its abrasion resistance, and adding antioxidants and anti -ultraviolet agents to ensure the antioxidant capacity of the surface layer and prevent ultraviolet damage.


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