Plastic Wood Decking Appearance Color Design

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In recent years, the shape and color design of plastic wood products have become the focus of attention in the field of domestic and foreign product design. The existing plastic wood decking product has a single shape and simple structure. The monotonous appearance is difficult to meet the needs of consumers pursuing changes and diversity.Therefore, the research on the shape and surface color design of plastic wood decking will definitely generate far theoretical value and practical application value for the development and application promotion of new products in the industry, and it will also have a certain reference effect on other forms of plastic wood product design.

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For research on the surface color of plastic wood decking, by extracting the main colors of various places, using the theory of color matching relationships to determine the color of the plastic decking color coordinated with the environment.The research results show that: outdoor public fitness venues are light green, orange -red and light blue plastic wood decking.Student microcomputers use light gray, light blue and light yellow plastic wood decking,Internet cafes use purple -red, dark green and light blue plastic decking;Based on the color method of plastic wood decking, color color, etc. as the research object, the color and color solid solidity test method is adopted.The effects of coloring methods such as brushing, spraying, and hot coating have the effects of color effects, color difference, and color semi -solid degrees, etc.The research results show that the coloring effect, color difference and color solidity all show: brushing> spray paint> hot coating,Both spraying and hot coating are not suitable for coloring methods for plastic wood decking. Brush coating is more suitable for coloring wood decking. Through research on the shape and surface color design of plastic wood decking, for more widely widespread plastic wood products,It is still relatively single in shape, so it is necessary to further develop new methods suitable for plastic wood materials on the basis of understanding the performance of plastic wood materials;In terms of color research, the selection of the best color methods and the evaluation of color performance still need to be further studied.

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Through the research and analysis of the design and analysis of the appearance and shape of the plastic wood decking, the appearance and styling factors that affect the plastic decking are proposed to the quantitative method of plastic wood decking.Based on the quantitative design principles, the shape design of the plastic decking surface and surface surface of the plastic wood is realized. The application of this method also provides a certain reference role for other industrial product modeling methods, which also greatly enriches the modeling design method of industrial products.For the design of the color of plastic wood decking, the main color of the corresponding use environment is adopted,To determine the scope of the color application of plastic wood decking, the use of the method and the method of determining the color has a certain reference effect on the coloring of other products, which enriches the principle of color determination;According to the requirements of the color of the plastic wood decking, it happens that the appropriate coloring method provides a certain theoretical and practical basis for the clever color coloring of the plastic decking, and provides certain theoretical and practical guidance for the surface decoration of other plastic products.


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