Innovation of Shanghai Seven Trust Industry on WPC Fence

By Siyuan Hu |

In the initial fence design, the fences we made are the same as most of the fences on the market, which are made of the same pieces of boards. Such fences were in line with the aesthetics of the people at that time, and were popular in the market. They were very popular with customers when they were just launched.

With the change and development of the times, this kind of fence simply spliced ​​by plates has begun to gradually fall behind the public's aesthetics. Due to the single style, many people have few styles to choose from, and a single style is sometimes inconsistent with Many customers have home renovations that don't match. We quickly found out that the simple and uninnovative wood-plastic fence has begun to fade out of the public's field of vision, so we started to innovate new styles.

In the initial design process, we considered a lot of questions, how can we achieve unity of beauty and practicality? How can we make products that meet the current public aesthetics? How to stand out in the style design of the product and make people feel bright... And these problems are the bottlenecks faced in the current fence production, and they are also the most concerned problems of the current customers.

Faced with various problems such as these, our designers did not shrink back, but led the team to continuously design, develop, and strive to realize these ideas.

During the design process, we once produced a pattern design that was hollowed out on the entire plate surface, but this design was quickly rejected by the team. First, because it lost its practicability as a fence, the large-area hollow pattern not only Privacy cannot be well protected, and it has certain dangers. After repeated discussions and revisions, we combined wood-plastic panels of different colors in the final design drawings and actual cases, adopted a horizontal and vertical splicing method, and carried out a small-area hollow design on the top of the panels. This design not only completely retains the function of the fence itself, but also takes into account the actual aesthetic effect, and the overall look is not as dull as the fences made by simple splicing in the past.

After the new appearance of the fence was completed and put on the market in large quantities, it was quickly praised by many domestic and foreign customers. Now these two types of wood-plastic fences are also exported to all over the world, and the products have a good response in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and other regions.


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