Classification and Usage Scenarios of Wood Plastic Decking

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Wood plastic decking - a new type of environmentally friendly outdoor material. It is a material made of wood powder and HDPE plastic particles with a certain proportion and functional additives, fully mixed and extruded. It is mainly used outdoors. Wood-plastic decking is now liked by many people due to its own characteristics. Today we will talk about the classification and applicable scenarios of wood-plastic decking.

With the development of wood plastic decking, it has gradually evolved from square hole decking to round hole decking to solid decking to the current second generation co-extruded decking.Development is getting faster and faster, and the quality and performance of products are increasingly in line with the requirements of various harsh environments. Due to its own structure, square hole decking uses less materials and has weak bearing capacity and is gradually being eliminated.

Classification and Usage Scenarios of Wood Plastic Decking

Classification of wood plastic decking:

(1) According to deck structure

Solid wood plastic deck

Wood-plastic solid decking has higher strength and greater load-bearing capacity. The density of wood-plastic decking is greater than that of ordinary wood. It is more weather-resistant and more durable in outdoor applications. It can be used in courtyards and outdoor landscapes, especially in outdoor parks, plank roads, squares, etc. that need to carry a large flow of people. It is recommended to use solid decks.

Round hole wood plastic deck

Wood plastic decking has strong plasticity, so wood plastic decking can present a variety of styles. Wood plastic decking can be made into hollow profiles, taking into account cost performance and strength, and is more suitable for various private courtyards, terraces, balconies, etc.

Classification and Usage Scenarios of Wood Plastic Decking

(2) According to deck type

Non-co-extruded wood plastic decking (first generation 3D embossed wood plastic decking)

3D wood grain wood plastic decking (non-co-extruded wood plastic decking) has an imitation wood grain texture on the surface, and the 3D texture is more natural and full.It has better wear resistance and durability when used outdoors, which explains the significance of wood plastic decking as an alternative to solid wood decking.

Second generation co-extruded wood plastic decking

Co-extruded wood-plastic decking is a polymer protective layer added to the basic surface of 3D wood-grained wood-plastic decking. When used outdoors, the product has super waterproof properties.and excellent sun, stain, mildew and bacteria resistance.

Classification and Usage Scenarios of Wood Plastic Decking

Usage scenarios of wood plastic decking:

(1) Home decoration villa leisure area

Wood-plastic decking can be applied to any corner of the courtyard to create entertainment and leisure spaces, such as courtyards, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, etc.;

(2) Commercial office space

The leisure platform of an urban office building or the relaxation area on the top deck of an office building can be covered with wood-plastic decking. It requires no maintenance all year round, saving worry and effort, and allows you to enjoy life after work.

(3) Public recreation areas such as parks

The park platform, leisure square, and plank roads made of beautiful and elegant plastic wood materials are integrated with the lush green plants.Not only does it show the affinity of natural wood, but its rich colors can be coordinated with garden landscape plants to satisfy the landscape designer's pursuit of innovation and beauty.

Classification and Usage Scenarios of Wood Plastic Decking

(4) School leisure platform

Wood-plastic decking is very suitable for paving in schools because it does not require painting and maintenance. It avoids the generation of harmful substances and allows children to grow freely in a natural and environmentally friendly environment.

(5) Waterside boardwalks and squares such as the seaside

The highly waterproof nature of wood-plastic decking allows it to be used in hydrophilic environments that ordinary wood cannot.

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Wood-plastic decking has also been recognized by many people, and is increasingly used outdoors to create our beautiful outdoor life.


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