Features Of Wood Plastic Composite Materials

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(1) Similar texture to natural wood:The reason why wood plastic composite materials can replace wood is that it has the texture and texture of similar natural wood.However, it has the advantages of natural wood. It is a very suitable natural wood substitute, and it is more durable than natural wood (the surface wear resistance index is ≤0.08), which can be used recycled.

(2) Smaller water absorption rate: The expansion rate of wood plastic composite materials after water absorption is <1%. During the synthesis process, plastic gives it its own characteristics, making it difficult for water molecules to enter.The smaller the water absorption rate of the material, it indicates that it is not vulnerable to moisture and damage, and the material contraction rate is low and it is not easy to deform.Generally, natural wood requires the surface of the paint to extend the period of use; and the wooden plastic composite material can save this step. The smaller water absorption rate also leads to the drying of wooden plastic composite materials, and maintains a good condition in the natural environment for a long time. This time is far from 3-4 times that of natural wood.

Features Of Wood Plastic Composite Materials

(3) Strong curvature: Wood -plastic composite materials have strong curvature. This characteristic allows him to adjust the size and specifications according to the needs of customers in the actual product production process.It is more able to adapt to the shape and change of special design needs, and has very high flexibility.The length of natural wood is certain, which is limited by the growth of trees and has a short life. The wooden plastic composite material is produced according to design. Under special circumstances, it can also complete a better design effect.

(4) Rich color: Wood -plastic composite materials can produce a variety of colors. His principle is that in the process of processing and manufacturing, with different colors and dyeing agents, it can produce changing materials. At the same time, there are also composite forms of coating or surface layer to transform. This means that they have a great degree of freedom to customers and design, to create a better landscape planning and design, and reduce the restrictions of the shape of the landscape effect on the shape of the natural wood material.

Features Of Wood Plastic Composite Materials

(5) Low price: Wood -plastic composite materials are usually not solid. The hollow structure reduces the overall cost and consumption. It is compared with natural wood that saves and reduce costs. At the same time, due to the flexibility of the processing process, it also reduces the wear of the equipment. It is a very good and low -cost material.

(6) Corrosion resistance: Wood plastic composite materials integrate the advantages of wood and plastic, and have the corrosion resistance characteristics that are difficult to have natural wood. When natural wood is actually put into production and life, it often needs to be impregnated or compressed in advance. This treatment allows natural wood to maintain a better anticorrosive effect in the outdoor environment. However, when this preservative gradually fails and the problem of fungal invasion, natural wood will begin to hinder use or be corroded. When the degree is too serious, it may even pollute the surrounding environment.

Features Of Wood Plastic Composite Materials

(7) Instant mildew and ants: In daily life, the infringement of old -style natural wood landscapes is often difficult to avoid. Once it is invaded, it will always affect its normal use. Wood -plastic composite materials have good antitrobine -proof and mildew -resistant attributes, which can bring the advantages of natural wood.

(8) See resistance: weather resistance refers to the ability of materials to maintain its original effect after being undergoing multiple climate changes in the outdoor natural environment.Compared with natural wood, it is often affected in the outdoor environment, which changes its effects, such as lighter colors, rotten, and so on. At this time, if the wood plastic composite material is used, the weather resistance will be greatly extended.


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