The Difference Between WPC Fence And Ordinary Guardrail

By Seven Trust |

The WPC fence adopts advanced technology and formula, with bright colors, smooth surface, elegant style, modern shape, unique formula, special anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging stabilizer, to ensure that the appearance is long and new, not faded, and not yellowed.  It is not brittle in winter, not soft in summer, and does not require painting,  and maintenance. What are the differences between WPC fence and ordinary guardrail?

The connection of WPC fence is completely different from other ordinary guardrails. Although most materials of ordinary guardrails are not rusty, they are still easy to rust due to the metal screw connection. The new-style WPC fence is different. It adopts unique processing equipment, changes the connection place to a plastic connector, and adds a plastic hole cover, which solves the rust spots and weakness. It is a non-corrosive guardrail, and has non-conductive and explosion-proof properties. A completely innovative tenon connection method is adopted to make the connection between the vertical rod and the cross rod, and the cross rod and the column solve the major shortcoming that the common guardrail will still corrode quickly at the screw connection part.

WPC fence rails and columns are reinforced with steel, and plastic connectors are used for sockets. The installation is very simple. Universal connectors can be quickly installed on slopes and multi-directional columns. The appearance is always new , and tougher than wood. But it is more flexible and impact-resistant, and is safe for humans and animals. It is suitable for schools and kindergartens. It does not need paint, and will not fade, peel, crack, bubble, peel and moth. Self-provided reinforced columns do not need to build stone foundation columns. , Reduce the cost of the entire project. And the firm strength is higher than the installation method of the stone foundation column.

WPC fence overcomes the fatal shortcomings of uneven surface of the guardrail and easy rust. The guardrail we have seen before is coated with peeling off, rusty, monotonous in color, without luster, and very unsightly. The WPC plastic-steel fence is made by extrusion coating vinyl plastic and plastic profile on the surface of the metal profile. A large amount of anti-aging agent and stabilizer in different proportions are added to the surface and the entire section. The color is bright and there are luster.

WPC fence product does not leak metal anywhere, and is an insulation product. It is suitable for residential areas, substations, explosion-proof products, and metal fractures do not produce sparks. It is suitable for gas stations.


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