Application Of WPC In Decking

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Wood-plastic decking has both the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic. It is a new environmentally friendly high-tech material that replaces wood and plastic. It is a widely used WPC in green buildings. The national standard GB/T 24508-2009 "Wood Plastic decking" defines wood plastic decking: a deck made of fiber materials such as wood and thermoplastics that are made into processing units, mixed in a certain proportion, and processed by molding. The research and production of wood-plastic decking in foreign countries was earlier, but due to the limitations of production technology and production technology, it has not been well promoted. WPC was introduced into my country from North America in the 1990s, and then plastic decking appeared. Due to technical problems at that time, wood-plastic decking did not get a good production promotion. In 2008, wood-plastic decking was used in the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games Hall. In 2010, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and other large-scale public event venues used wood-plastic decking, marking that the application of wood-plastic decking in my country's green buildings has entered a new era. . Wood-plastic decking has the advantages of insect resistance and zero formaldehyde release, and can well replace laminate decking and composite decking, and has great market potential.

At present, my country's innovative research on wood-plastic decking mainly focuses on functional design such as flame retardancy, aging resistance, quietness, wear resistance, lightweight, waterproof, antistatic and removable, as well as surface relief, double-sided texture, and paint layer. And surface decoration such as solid wood layer on the surface. The study found that three flame retardants including decabromodiphenyl ether, aluminum hydroxide, and nitrogen-phosphorus flame retardants can effectively improve the flame retardancy of wood-plastic decking, but have adverse effects on the physical and mechanical properties of the decking.Since smoke is the main cause of casualties in fires, some scholars used the animal poisoning method to study the effects of the above three flame retardants on the toxicity of wood-plastic deck burning smoke.It was found that the smoke toxicity of aluminum hydroxide-treated decks was lower, and the safety level of smoke and toxic gas increased with the increase of aluminum hydroxide addition.

Some scholars have studied the effect of natural climate aging on the performance of wood-plastic decking, and found that adding ultraviolet absorbers can effectively improve the surface color fastness of wood-plastic decking, and improve the aging resistance and water resistance of wood-plastic decking. In order to improve the sound-absorbing performance of wood-plastic decking, some scholars have studied the influence of different veneer materials on the sound-absorbing performance of the deck, and found that both the decorative veneer veneer and the back-covering paste deck mute mat have improved the sound-absorbing performance of wood-plastic decking at low frequencies . Someone disclosed a preparation method of high wear-resistant wood-plastic deck, mainly adding polyurethane elastomer and compatibilizer. The wood-plastic deck prepared by a certain processing technology not only significantly improves the wear resistance, but also reduces the water absorption rate a lot. With the development of economy and society, people have higher and higher requirements for deck textures, and many wood-plastic deckings with imitation precious wood color design textures and other bright-colored textures have appeared one after another, which promotes the development and application of wood-plastic decking. Although the research and application of wood-plastic decking in my country is still in its infancy, due to the strong support of the country and localities, the development prospect is very broad.


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