Key Points for Outdoor Project Construction of Wood-plastic Decking!

By Seven Trust |

When we choose a suitable outdoor deck, its installation is equally important. As the saying goes: 30% product, 70% installation; what are the key points for installing wood plastic decking outdoors? Let's take a look together......

The ground is flat and solid

Wood-plastic decking should be installed on a clean, flat, and solid surface. A flat and solid ground will make the installation of wood-plastic decking more solid and durable, effectively extending the service life of the deck;Mud and grass have a certain degree of erosion, and with the erosion of rainwater, the ground may become uneven and cause damage to the deck;

Ventilation and drainage

Due to the instability of outdoor weather, when paving wood-plastic deck outdoors, it is necessary to lay keels on the ground first to keep the deck and the ground at a certain height.Maintain good ventilation and drainage to avoid long-term soaking of the deck and being in a humid environment when it rains.

Keel installation and spacing

The installation of wood plastic decking requires laying keels on the ground. The spacing between the keels is determined according to the thickness of the deck. Generally, the center spacing of the keels should be controlled at about 30-35cm. If the spacing is too large, it may cause the deck to sink. If the spacing is too small, the construction difficulty and consumables of the deck will be increased;

Double keel at opposite end of deck

Double keels need to be installed at the opposite ends of the wood-plastic decking so that each individual deck is on its own keel, which better fixes the keel and prevents the deck from slipping.

Reserve expansion joints

When installing wood-plastic decking outdoors, certain expansion joints need to be reserved to prevent deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The size of the expansion joints is related to the length of the installed deck, the temperature during installation, and the local temperature difference.


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