The Significance Of Quantitative Testing Of Plastic Wood Composite Materials

By Seven Trust |

At present, my country's economy is in a critical period of high -speed growth to high -quality development and conversion, and consumers' demand for low -carbon environmental protection materials is becoming increasingly strong. As a green, environmentally friendly, low -carbon, and circulating plastic wood, it will usher in huge development opportunities. The quantitative analysis of the main component of wood plastic composite materials is of great significance for the healthy and sustainable development of the wooden plastic market.


Both thermal analysis and infrared spectrum method can achieve quantitative analysis of the main component of plastic wood. The advantage of the heat analysis method is that the sample pre -processing process is simple, the amount of samples required is small, the detection conditions are accurate and controllable, and the method can be highly repeated ability and high sensitivity; Essence The advantage of infrared spectral method is that the detection accuracy, short time, low cost, and simple operation process; the disadvantage is that the amount of samples required during the model establishment process has a large amount of samples, and different instruments and testing conditions have impact on the inspection accuracy. In summary, the infrared spectrum method in the field of quantitative analysis of the main component of the plastic wood is broad. In the future, research should be carried out from the following aspects to further improve the technical system of the legal quantity analysis of the infrared spectrum to achieve promotion and application as soon as possible.


1) There are many types of biomass fillers of plastic wood. In the future, composite materials can be established for composite materials for rice shells, cane, and crop straw filling.

2) At present, the research on the legal quantity analysis of infrared spectrums The main components of plastic wood main ingredients are mostly used in PP base wood plastic composite materials. In the future, PE base plastic wood, PS base plastic wood, and PVC base plastic wood main component are analyzed.

3) Exploring the feasibility of different types of plastic wood and the feasibility of different types of plastic wood universal quantitative analysis models to further improve the qualitative and quantitative identification technical system of plastic wood, and promote the promotion and application of infrared spectrum quantitative analysis methods.


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