The Choice And Use Of Wood Plastic Materials

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Wood plastic material purchase skills
The main use of wood plastic materials

Wood plastic material purchase skills

Color: Good wood plastic composite materials are more natural and soft, close to the color of the wood, and it is not too bright when dyeing. However, the color of the wooden plastic composite materials is color or dark or dark, and the dyeing is uneven.

Product surface: The surface of good wood plastic composite materials is smooth or frosted, but they are relatively flat and consistent and neat specifications. When investigating, it is found that the surface of the surface is uneven or the sizes are not different, so we must pay attention to the quality of the product.


Waterproof: Because the wooden plastic composite material has a strong waterproof and moisture -proof effect after the processing of special processes, when you immerse the wooden plastic composite materials into water for more than ten minutes, take it out for observation. If you respond to the water, you should pay attention.

Fire fire: Wood plastic composite materials have good waterproof effect while also have good fire prevention function. When you test it with fire, you must do a good job of protection. The results of the fire test results should be analyzed one by one.

The main use of wood plastic materials

The application areas of wooden molding products are very wide; as the voices of environmental protection are getting higher and higher, the finding alternative of wood products has become an inevitable trend. Building materials, home decoration, industrial products, warehousing logistics, etc.

Building structure materials: various panels, fences, building templates, moisture -proof partitions, staircases, handrails, doors and windows, platforms, water buildings, road boards, wooden houses, etc.

Application on the car: inside door decoration board, bottom plate, seat back, instrument board, handrail, seat base, top board, etc.


Application of logistics: transport trays and export packaging trays of various specifications, warehouse panels, various types of packaging boxes, glass transport shelves, etc.

Application of gardening: Various settings, outdoor tables and chairs, garden armrests and decorative boards, flower pots, open -air floor flooring, waste boxes, gazebo, etc.

Application of interior decoration: various decorative strips, decorative boards, mirror frames, curtain rods, curtain rings and decorative parts, active shutters, ceiling, wall boards, etc.

Others: wild dining tables, cabin partitions, train or trucks, toys, storage boxes, highway sound insulation boards, activity racks, etc.


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