Summary Of Research Questions On Wood-plastic Composites

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There are many kinds of raw materials for wood-plastic composite materials, and the research on plant fibers pays more attention to the enhancement effect of fiber types on the mechanical strength of wood-plastic composite materials.There is no in-depth analysis of the influence of fiber composition on the properties of wood-plastic composites, and there are few systematic studies on the properties of different types of plant fibers.

Summary Of Research Questions On Wood-plastic Composites

At present, the wood-plastic composite material processing technology mainly adopts the extrusion molding process. Due to the improper ratio of raw materials or the setting of process parameters, it will lead to poor appearance and performance of the product, uneven die or other ills. However, there is insufficient research on the appearance and mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites by processing technology and formula.

The mechanism of the interface modifier of wood-plastic composite materials generally adopts the bridge theory, that is, one end of the modifier can chemically bond with the fiber, and the other end can be entangled with the plastic, thereby improving the connection strength between the matrix material and the reinforcement material. However, the chemical combination of modifiers and plant fibers has not been studied in depth.

Summary Of Research Questions On Wood-plastic Composites

The five interface theories of wood-plastic composites are mainly developed from the gluing theory.Among them, the surface infiltration theory and mechanical interlocking theory can partially explain the interface characteristics of wood-plastic composites, but ignore the fact that wood-plastic composites are multi-phase composites and cannot well adapt to the interface characteristics of wood-plastic composites.


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