Technological Progress And Application Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials

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Compared with pure wood, the composite material of wood-plastic composite material has very excellent environmental protection performance and processing performance, and is easy to color. It is more and more favored by people and has great development and application prospects.

Technological Progress And Application Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials

New production technology of wood-plastic composite materials

In recent years, the development direction of the production process of wood-plastic materials is: the injection molding technology used in the molding process of wood-plastic composite materials has been developed rapidly.With the innovation of production technology, the performance of wood-plastic composite materials has been fully brought into play, and has gradually been widely used.

Technological Progress And Application Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials

Application of Microcellular Foam Extrusion Technology in Plastic Wood Products

In order to obtain plastic-wood composite materials that look similar to real wood on the surface, and can withstand screws and nails during processing or use,The clarity and smoothness of the surface of products produced by extrusion using micro-foaming extrusion technology are better than those of plastic wood products that are not obtained by other methods. By using microcellular foam extrusion technology, the production cost of the material is greatly saved, and the material density is also reduced by 20% to 40%. Microcellular foaming can be divided into physical foaming and chemical foaming, mainly based on the location of physical foaming, that is, injecting a certain amount of critical gas (such as nitrogen dioxide) into the mold of the die. At present, the co-extrusion technology of micro-foaming material and surface layer composite material developed in my country has been realized, which can give full play to the performance of the material.

Technological Progress And Application Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials

Development of new technology for plastic wood materials

Polystyrene and wood composite materials are materials that are being researched and developed in my country, and ordinary water is used as the foaming agent. Microcellular foaming technology can overcome the disadvantages of insufficient impact strength and ductility of wood-plastic composite materials, and can also reduce costs. It is necessary to improve the production equipment to increase the amount of wood powder in plastic wood products and overcome the problem of fluidity. At present, a twin-screw extruder with a wood powder content of up to 85% and parallelism in the same direction has been developed.At present, to improve the production efficiency and product performance of the product, the extrusion speed is improved from 3 m/min to 4 m/min,An orientation device is installed at the machine head to obtain high orientation, higher mechanical properties than wood but very similar properties to wood materials.


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