New Environmental Protection Guard:Plastic Wood Material

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Plastic wood is a decorative material made of plastic raw materials and wood powder. Plastic raw materials include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, etc.Depending on the production process, different proportions of wood flour materials are added. The wood flour materials are composed of waste wood, rice husks, straw and other mixtures.These materials are extruded and molded into various shapes. They have outstanding advantages such as durability, waterproof, insect-proof, and flame retardant. Plastic wood materials are also environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment when used. They are excellent new composite materials.

New Environmental Protection Guard:Plastic Wood Material

The benefits of using plastic wood for house decoration

1. Fashionable and beautiful. Plastic wood has the texture of wood, but the patterns and colors are more varied than solid wood. It can make many personalized designs, fashionable and beautiful, and the overall decoration effect is very good.

2. Sturdy and durable. The sturdiness of plastic wood is very good, better than traditional material strips. Plastic wood materials have good compression and impact resistance during use, are not easily deformed and damaged, and can be used for a long time.

3. Corrosion resistance. Although solid wood materials are environmentally friendly and have good sturdiness, due to the physical characteristics of the wood itself, it has poor waterproofing and corrosion resistance.Plastic wood materials use polymer materials to wrap wood powder, so they are highly corrosion-resistant and waterproof, and they are also a flame-retardant material.

New Environmental Protection Guard:Plastic Wood Material

4. Healthy and environmentally friendly. The raw materials used in plastic wood materials will not volatilize harmful substances. In the processing technology, thermal transfer printing is also used for surface treatment.The decorative coating uses environmentally friendly paint, so there are no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

5. During the renovation of old houses, the walls of the old houses are aging; the wallpaper falls off and becomes moldy, turns yellow and fades, the wall paint blisters and falls off, and is cracked and loses its luster.In renovation, renovating the wall has become a key step. In traditional wall decoration, different decorative surface layers have different operating procedures.Such as leveling, puttying, applying latex paint, wallpapering, etc. The number of processes can reach 6 or 7. Numerous procedures not only have high material costs, but also high labor and time costs. With the improvement of people's requirements for living quality and the improvement of environmental protection concepts, plastic wood wall panels have attracted the attention and attention of many people.

New Environmental Protection Guard:Plastic Wood Material

In short, China's new urbanization construction has brought unprecedented historical opportunities for large-scale promotion of green buildings and building energy conservation, and new building materials contain new green hope. In daily life and industrial applications, plastic wood is becoming more and more popular for its environmental protection and safety, and plays an important and irreplaceable role. Plastic wood has the advantages of energy saving, material saving, ecological protection, improving the living environment, improving function and quality, and convenient completion. It is widely used in the decoration of new houses and the renovation of old houses.


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