Waterproof Performance of Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking

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The outdoor environment is complex and changeable, which puts a very strict test on outdoor materials. In addition to daily high temperatures, rain, etc., we also perform some daily activities of watering and watering flowers in the courtyard. Wood-plastic decking is a board formed through special production and processing. It has excellent waterproof properties outdoors, mainly in the following aspects:

Waterproof Performance of Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking

Low water absorption

Wood is inherently water-absorbent, so outdoor decks passively undergo the test of rain, washout, and daily water use in the courtyard under long-term exposure to the outdoor environment. Over time, outdoor decks will suffer from water absorption and expansion.After being exposed to high temperatures, warping or cracking may occur. The water absorption rate of wood-plastic decking is 0.37%, which is much lower than that of ordinary wood. Wood-plastic decking is an extruded board with high density, tight and solid core layer, and is not easy to absorb water.

Special co-extrusion process

As people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor use, wood-plastic decking is also constantly iteratively upgraded. Now wood-plastic decking has been upgraded to the 2.0 era - co-extruded wood-plastic decking;The surface of the co-extruded wood plastic deck has a 360° polymer protective layer. The co-extruded layer can effectively prevent water vapor/moisture from entering the core layer of the deck, fully protecting the deck from moisture damage. Co-extruded wood plastic decking can be used in hydrophilic environments where ordinary wood cannot be used, such as: beside swimming pools, fish ponds, landscape lakes, seaside planks, etc.; it has excellent waterproof properties outdoors.

Although wood-plastic decking has excellent waterproof properties outdoors, how to keep wood-plastic decking in good condition in outdoor watery environments?

Waterproof Performance of Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking

Lay joists before installing decking

Outdoor deck paving requires the installation of keels, as does anti-corrosion wood and solid wood, because there is a lot of rain outdoors.The purpose of laying keels is to maintain a certain space between the deck and the ground, so that the deck can form a good ventilation and drainage environment. Maintaining good ventilation and drainage can effectively extend the service life of the deck.

Avoid prolonged soaking

After all, wood plastic decking is also wood, so it is also afraid of being soaked in rain for a long time. In daily life, avoid the deck being soaked in water for a long time.


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