Outdoor Terrace Users Outer Wood Plastic

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With the development of the construction industry, the customization of plastic flooring will become a trend.According to the actual scene needs, under the conditions of the actual functional requirements of the floor, when the surface shape design of the floor is designed, the functional and aesthetic modeling rules should be followed to make the surface shape design of the plastic floor more beautiful and practical. The principles of functionality and aesthetic modeling make the surface shape design of the plastic flooring flooring in product design, so that the product is series and standardized production, so that plastic flooring has a broader development space.

The marketization of plastic wood composite materials has only a history of more than 30 years abroad. With the comprehensive utilization of resources and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, plastic wood composite materials have become more and more valued by countries around the world. At present, it has entered a stage of high -speed development. It is applied to garden landscape, outdoor building materials, furniture, logistics facilities, municipal facilities, dock ports and indoor and outdoor decoration. Near -water areas are built by plastic wood materials, which can give full play to the advantages of good water resistance to water resistance and greatly improve their cost -effectiveness. Therefore, the application in this area has developed rapidly. Plastic wood projects on the lake, such as wetland park plastic wooden shops.

The deck materials around the traditional swimming pool are cement, marble, and tiles. The temperature of this floor surface is greatly affected by the environment, and the contact of the soles of the foot will produce a strong sense of irritation. The water resistance of the wooden floor is poor, and there is a risk of wooden thorns. The characteristics of plastic wood composite materials can avoid the above -mentioned defects, so applications in this area can give full play to their advantages. Because the water absorption rate of plastic wood composite materials is greatly lower than natural wood, the size of the size changes after water absorption is also small, it can resist seawater corrosion, and has a long service life. Therefore, it is the most ideal wooden material for ports and docks. With the improvement of the performance and design and construction level of plastic wood composite materials in my country, the application of hydrophilic terrace has also begun to develop.

Because plastic wood composite materials have the advantages of water resistance, corrosion resistance, no wooden thorns, no need for paint and long service life, the plastic wood shops are still the largest amount of products in plastic wood products. Such as the terrace floor, balcony floor, trestle bridge panel, floor floor and outdoor platforms around the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. At present, plastic wood materials are also used as grass -roots floors, which are composite or wear -resistant or decorative layers. It is used in indoor humid areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, because its creep degeneration, rigidity, and bending strength are lower than solid wood, during the use process, it is often necessary to make up for the support of the keel's support according to the performance of the material.


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