Application Design of Plastic Wood Materials in Leisure Places

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Plastic wood has good stability, has the physical characteristics of solid wood, and is also waterproof, anti-corrosive, thermal insulation and other characteristics. Nowadays, whether in public places or villa decoration, balcony ceilings are becoming more and more refined. For example, the balcony designs of outdoor cafes, exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants all use plastic wood composite materials, and are showing a rapid development trend.

Plastic wood suspended ceiling is a type of wood plastic product. It is a profile of a certain shape made by mixing resin, wood fiber materials and polymer materials in a certain proportion and using high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes. Plastic wood is opposite to logs. It is a new type of wood that is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than logs. It almost has the natural texture of wood. It can be widely used in various gardens, leisure and entertainment venues, commercial display spaces and high-end elegant homes. The board shape of the plastic wood ceiling itself is three-dimensional, and regular decoration has a good three-dimensional effect. Moreover, the plastic wood ceiling can be designed in any shape, and the effect is more three-dimensional.

Application Design of Plastic Wood Materials in Leisure Places

The structural design of plastic-wood partitions fully considers the convenience of interior decoration construction. It can be understood at a glance and does not require professional technical operators to install. It fundamentally solves the problem of nearly zero emissions of formaldehyde and other harmful gases in indoor decoration. The new DIY concept of plastic wood partition walls introduces the trend of the new era and injects more humane and artistic taste elements from the aspects of beauty, effectiveness, environmental protection, and multi-functionality, thereby creating a personalized and high-quality interior space. The simple construction of plastic wood partition walls can meet people's aesthetic and functional requirements.

With the development of the construction industry, customization of plastic wood decking will become a trend. According to the actual scene needs and to meet the actual functional requirements of the deck, functional and aesthetic modeling rules should be followed when designing the surface shape of the deck. Make the surface design of plastic wood decking more beautiful and practical. Functional and aesthetic modeling principles are used in product design to modularize the surface shape design of plastic wood decking, achieve product serialization, and standardize production, so that plastic wood decking has a broader development space. Plastic wood decking is widely used in leisure places because it is waterproof and anti-corrosive. Nowadays, people are more aware of environmental protection, and plastic wood decking is a very environmentally friendly deck. It has a relatively long service life and is relatively safe and environmentally friendly.

Application Design of Plastic Wood Materials in Leisure Places

In addition, public seats are essential facilities in urban streets, green spaces, squares or parks. In addition to its general functions, public seats also become a landscape for people to appreciate. Wood has always been the most commonly used material for public seating because it gives people a sense of comfort. However, wood is not durable, and public wooden seats exposed outdoors are easily damaged by the natural environment. Stone is relatively durable, but stone is difficult to process. The plastic wood material meets people's various requirements, is not easy to be damaged, and can be durable. Plastic wood seats are now very common in parks or other public outdoor landscape venues, and combined with other materials, the seats add vividness and are extremely conspicuous against the green environment.


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