Is The Waterproofness Of Outdoor Wood -Plastic Decking Good?

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I don’t know if you will encounter a rainy season, and find that the deck in the yard will crack again.Easy cracking has always been the most headache for outdoor decking, especially in winter, the weather is cold, the outdoor deck is not good, and the variability of the outdoor environment allows the outdoor deck to withstand various pressures.And waterproofing is also the most worried issue that people have been hanging on their mouths. In recent years, the wood -plastic deck that has been on fire in recent years is said to have good waterproofing. Is the wood -plastic deck waterproof? What is its waterproofness? Let's take a look today.

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The wood is naturally absorbent, so under the exposure of the outdoor environment for a long time, the outdoor deck passively accepts the test of rainwater, washing, and daily water use in the courtyard.Over time, the deck will cause water absorption and swelling. After high temperature exposure, it will naturally crack or warp.Wooden plastic deck is formed by the extrusion of wooden powder and plastic, so it has the dual performance of wood powder and plastic.The wood texture of both wood and plastic is super waterproof, and with the update iteration of wooden plastic decking, a second -generation co -extrusion deck appears.The co -extrusion deck is added on the basis of the original wooden plastic deck.This layer of high molecular layer well protects the decking of the deck core material from water vapor, and also makes the deck have stronger waterproofness and moisture resistance.

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The moisture content of ordinary outdoor anti-corruption wood is generally between 8%-13%, and when the water content is higher than 12%, the wood will crack, warp, and deform. The water content of our wooden plastic deck is about 0.37%, which is far lower than that of ordinary anticorrosive wood. It can withstand the erosion of water vapor more outdoors and has stronger waterproofing and corrosion resistance.

Of course, in daily life, you should also pay attention to the ventilation and drainage of the deck, so as to dredge the water flow in time to avoid the deck soak in the water, causing excessive water absorption of the deck to cause expansion and cracking.


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