Discussion On The Design Of Plastic Wood Composite Material Pergola

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At present, people's requirements for urban life are getting higher and higher, and Garden Architectural is the "eye" of the city, which can better understand the charm of the city.Plastic wood materials are currently widely used in architecture, decoration, home decoration, etc., have good preservatives, insects, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, and have strong adaptability in complex and variable environments.In addition, wooden plastic has a similar appearance to natural wood, which can replace natural materials. While bringing a refreshing feeling, it can also effectively solve the problems and defects of natural materials in use.Scenic Architectural refers to the collective name of various landscape elements in the landscape. In garden design, this is essential.The urban landscape Architectural is a form of the urban public environment. It provides a variety of services for citizens, which can not only meet people's various living needs, but also enrich the cultural connotation of urban cultural connotations, and increase the charm of urban.

Discussion On The Design Of Plastic Wood Composite Material Pergola

The size of the urban garden Architectural is small and involved in a wide range of surfaces. According to different objects, it can be divided into:

(1) Structural categories, structural landscape Architectural are mostly small buildings, such as galleries and Pergolas. They also have the characteristics of functionality and practicality on the basis of artistic, which can meet people's needs.

(2) City's furniture and garden Architectural are very practical, including signs, public seats, potted containers, etc. They are closely related to people's daily lives and can bring more convenience to people.

Discussion On The Design Of Plastic Wood Composite Material Pergola

(3) Nature Architectural class, including plants, rocks, etc., which combines it with natural scenery, closer to nature, and increases the cultural atmosphere of the city.

(4) Architectural of roads, transportation, traffic, and other landscapes can play a guided function, allowing people to better understand the division of the region, including parking lots and ground paving.


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