Comparison Analysis Of Wood Plastic And Anticorrosive Wood Decking

By Seven Trust |

Wood plastic and anticorrosive wood flooring is two common outdoor decoration materials.After the anti -corrosion of the anti -corrosion of the natural vacuum pump and the pre -immersion of the real vacuum pump and the hypoplasia, and the high temperature judgment, it can ensure that it is integrated into the surrounding environment, and the surface paint is used to solve it. Make sure that the specifications of anticorrosive wooden flooring are stable, otherwise it will change and rot.

Wood plastic is -the armosetry plastic polymer is not easy to be harmful to temperature, environmental humidity, germs or insects, and has the Sui nature of organic chemistry and physics, and it is not easy to deform. The wooden plastic materials have the characteristics of each direction of each directional opposite sex, and the characteristics of each orientation of anticorrosive wood (radial, axial, and string). The pressure -resistant strength of anticorrosive wood flooring is divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, tensile strength, impactful pressure resistance, strength, and anti -split force. The main value cannot be confirmed. The longitudinal tensile strength is only 37%-59%of the wooden plastic. The pressure of wood plastic composite materials is 26-34MPa, and the tensile strength is 27-45MPa. The surface of the wood surface wear -resistant index value (G/L (x) R) is about 50-90, which is very wear -resistant. The wooden plastic is not large 0.08, indicating that the wear resistance is good. In addition, the wear resistance of the wooden plastic surface is 1500N, and the abrasion resistance of the board is not less than 700N, which is 2-3 times that of wood.

Wood plastic can be recovered by circulating systems. It is unremittingly applying pure wood powder and its first -level recycling plastic. It is the actual effect of the environmental protection that the anticorrosive wood flooring cannot exceed. The composite of wood plastic composite materials and other architectural decoration materials have many advantages in nature.The consumption and environmental protection characteristics of wooden plastic composite materials in engineering buildings have advantages than anticorrosive wood flooring. Let ’s take a look at the advantages of wood plastic composite materials to compare with other raw materials:

Wood plastic loss is less than that of the total construction area or volume standard of the same engineering construction than the construction area of the same project. Because wooden plastic is aluminum profile, it can manufacture the necessary length, total width, and thin raw materials according to the actual specifications of garden landscape projects. The length of anticorrosive wood is fixed, usually 2 meters, 3 meters or 4 meters. Let me make an example. Usually laying outdoor floors, with wood, it must be 46mm thin and thick wood. The wooden plastic is only a raw material of 20mm thick, and its pressure -resistant strength exceeds 46mm of anticorrosive wood flooring. In a few words of old words, if the application of wood is 1 cubic, the wooden plastic only requires 0.6 cubic meters up and down.

Wood plastic profiles, hollow specifications and models have saved many raw materials. We all know that aluminum doors and windows can be popularized and popularized in marketing, that is, because it is a hollow aluminum profile, if it is a real core, the price will be unsatisfactory. Wood plastic hollow saves part of it. Although it is not as high as aluminum alloy profiles, it is more objective. We all know that hollow can not only reduce net weight and increase pressure resistance. Wood plastic can ensure hollow, and anticorrosive wood is not.

The surface layer of the plastic wood is that the construction of the anti -corrosion wood flooring project does not need to be solved or the entire process of the construction of the project must be painted with water or paint paint. Wood plastic polymer materials can ensure maintenance exemption.


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