Advantages Of Extrusion Molding Technology In The Field Of Wood-plastic Furniture

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Wood-plastic composite materials refer to materials made by mixing and melting wood fibers and thermoplastics, and then processed by extrusion, injection molding, molding, etc., referred to as wood-plastic. It has good mechanical processing performance such as nailing, planing, sawing and drilling, water resistance, corrosion resistance and environmental protection performance. Furniture made of wood-plastic composite materials will not have problems such as moisture absorption and deformation in humid and watery environments such as outdoors, balconies, kitchens and bathrooms.

Advantages Of Extrusion Molding Technology In The Field Of Wood-plastic Furniture

Wood-plastic extrusion molding is a molding process in which wood fibers and thermoplastics are pretreated, mixed with an extruder, and continuously extruded and cooled through a die of a certain shape. Adopting the molding process can greatly improve the production efficiency of profiles, and it is easy to realize automatic and continuous production.Wood-plastic extrusion is divided into one-step extrusion and two-step extrusion. Whether the granulation and extrusion process is completed coherently is the main difference between these two methods.Coherent extrusion in one step is good for energy saving, while extrusion in two steps is good for process control.In addition, in recent years, a wood-plastic co-extrusion technology that can distinguish surface and core materials is gradually emerging. At present, extrusion molding technology is mainly used in the manufacture of wood-plastic composite flooring, wood-plastic doors and windows, and wood-plastic building templates.

Advantages Of Extrusion Molding Technology In The Field Of Wood-plastic Furniture

The application of extrusion molding technology in the field of furniture manufacturing has the following unique advantages:

1) The process is simple. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient raw materials for the barrel of the extruder, the continuous extrusion of furniture parts can be realized, and the production efficiency is high.

2) High material utilization rate. Extruded products can be cut according to the length of furniture parts to reduce material waste.

3) Easy to realize automatic production. Extrusion molding production line equipment types are streamlined, and it is easy to realize equipment automation; the operation is relatively simple, and fewer operators are required; the product quality is easy to guarantee.

4) The equipment is easy to maintain and repair. The structure of the main production equipment is simple, and the later maintenance and repair are relatively simple. These advantages of extrusion molding technology are conducive to promoting the application of wood-plastic composite materials in furniture.


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