What Are The Ways To Improve The Weather Resistance Of Wood Plastic Materials?

By Seven Trust |

The application forms of wooden plastic materials are very extensive, such as wood plastic decking, wood plastic fences and wood plastic flower stands. Many of these products are used for outdoor use, so the weather resistance of these products is high. The weather resistance of wooden plastic materials is an important performance indicator of other wooden products. Next is a way to briefly introduce the method of improving weather to wooden plastic materials.

There are two main ways to improve the weather resistance of wood plastic materials. At present, there are two main types in the market. The first is to use nano -grade oxidation to improve weather resistance.In the early days, it was ultraviolet absorbers such as phenolone, phenyl -phenylzolzool, etc. to the chlorine lamp resin.Although this method can improve the weather resistance of wooden plastic materials, because UV absorbers are easily volatile and deteriorated under the action of light and heat, it is not possible to keep wooden plastic materials for a long time.

In addition to the above disadvantages, the degraded ultraviolet rays can also damage the transparency of wooden plastic materials.Therefore, after many studies and experiments, nano -oxidation is used to replace ultraviolet absorbers,This can greatly improve the weather resistance, and it can also keep the wooden plastic material for a long time to maintain good mechanical strength and transparency.

The second method is to use mixed titanium oxide to improve the weather resistance of wood plastic materials.This method can also improve the covering power of wood plastic materials, prevent fading, and help coloring.Therefore, the use of mixed titanium oxide is more common in wood plastic materials.


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