Performance and Application Analysis of PE Wood Plastic Processing Aids

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As a new environmentally friendly composite material, wood-plastic composite material has the dual advantages of wood and plastic. It has good processing performance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, wide source of raw materials, etc.In recent years, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the wood-plastic composite material market has developed rapidly. This new material has been widely used in many fields such as construction, furniture, decoration, transportation and automobiles. With the expansion of the scope of applications, problems such as high energy consumption and low efficiency caused by high internal and external friction in the production process have emerged one after another.

Performance and Application Analysis of PE Wood Plastic Processing Aids

PE wood plastic processing aids

PE wood plastic processing aid: a processing lubricant specially developed and formulated for PP/PE wood plastic. It can increase production speed, increase surface gloss stains, balance the stability of materials during plasticization, and is better used in conjunction with compatibilizers.

1. Improve processing performance

PE wood-plastic composite lubricant can reduce the internal friction and external friction of wood-plastic composite materials, improve the sliding ability with equipment, reduce equipment torque, reduce energy consumption, and increase production capacity. During the production process, it was shown that the torque reduction effect is significant when compound lubricants are added.

2. Effectively improve mechanical properties

The composite lubricant has good compatibility with wood powder. After adding it, it can effectively increase the force between the molecules of the wood-plastic composite material, and can improve the mechanical properties of the base material itself while solving other problems.

Performance and Application Analysis of PE Wood Plastic Processing Aids

3. Increase product strength and surface finish

The composite lubricant is evenly distributed on the surface and inside of the wood-plastic composite material, improving the lubrication performance of PE wood-plastic processing, promoting the compatibilization of wood fiber and plastic, increasing the strength and surface finish of the product, and increasing the extrusion speed.

4. Excellent anti-precipitation performance

The active substances in the composite lubricant have special polar groups that form hydrogen bonds with the hydroxyl groups in the wood fibers, firmly anchoring the lubricant molecular chain in the base material.It will not precipitate over time and changes in the environment, extending the effective service life of the product and ensuring its long-term beauty.

Performance and Application Analysis of PE Wood Plastic Processing Aids


Compound lubricants are used in PP, PE wood plastic extrusion, PP, PE wood plastic injection molding products, such as PE wood plastic sheet profiles. The resulting products have excellent performance and good surface finish.


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