Pavilion Wood Plastic Deck Leisure Platform

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Autumn is crisp, and the yard is a place where we can embrace nature without going out. If you have a yard, you must build a pavilion and a leisure wooden platform to enjoy flowers in spring, escape the heat in summer, cool in autumn, and enjoy snow in winter;The yard is where we live, so we must adhere to the principles of green environmental protection and safety in the yard. Nowadays, various outdoor decking materials are emerging in endlessly, including anti-corrosion wood, stone, wood-plastic decking, stone-plastic decking, etc.;

Anticorrosive wood is a type of outdoor decking that people used more often in the yard before. However, because anticorrosive wood requires regular painting and maintenance, it will crack and fade if not maintained for a long time;The texture of stone is hard and cold, so it is not a good choice for people who like wood. Wood-plastic decking is a new type of environmentally friendly building material. It does not contain any harmful substances. The amount of formaldehyde released can reach E0 level, making it environmentally friendly and safe for outdoor use.

Pavilion Wood Plastic Deck Leisure Platform

Not easy to fade

Wood-plastic decking is not easy to fade outdoors. Anti-ultraviolet agents are added to the wood-plastic decking during production. It will not cause mottled fading when exposed to the sun and washed by rain outdoors. The color will be harmonious and natural when laid in the yard.

Maintenance without painting

At the same time, painting and maintenance is also an important issue for outdoor decks. Annual painting and maintenance increases not only maintenance costs but also environmental pollution. Wood-plastic decking avoids this pain point. It does not require painting and maintenance when used outdoors. Just rinse the surface dust with clean water every day, which reduces the cost of our lives and increases the enjoyment of life.

Pavilion Wood Plastic Deck Leisure Platform

If you have a yard, you must build a pavilion with wood-plastic decking as a leisure platform to enrich your family's courtyard life. In the evening, gather around three or five friends to chat and laugh together under the pavilion.


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